Can Marijuana Treat Coronavirus Complications? USC Researchers Think So.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the headline - USC Researchers think THC in marijuana may be able to treat deadly COVID complications. Granted, it's the University of South Carolina, so it may not have as much panache as it would if it were the University Southern California. Nevertheless, South Carolina is the state that gave us Nikki Haley, the only public official that could get teenage boys interested in politics, so there's that. But think about it. No more bleach drinking. No more arguing about the effectiveness of hydrowhateveritscalled. In fact, I can almost hear the doctor now, "Just take two gummies and call me in the morning....or the afternoon. On second thought, just call me whenever you get up. Whatever works for you."

This has the potential to be the greatest medical breakthrough since...since...the last medical breakthrough. I realize it's not a vaccine or cure and it's only for severe complications, but it doesn't matter. This the exactly the kind of outside the box thinking we need to move another step closer to eradicating this deadly virus in our lifetime. It's the kind of thinking that has made America the best country in the galaxy no matter what the residents of Portland say (and weed is legal there I might add). But I digress.

My point is, researchers are making progress so we need to fast track this and fund additional research post haste. Furthermore, I want to be informed when clinical trials begin and they best not put me in the placebo sample or there will be hell to pay.

USC getting closer to conducting THC Coronavirus trials on humans

USC getting closer to conducting THC Coronavirus trials on humans

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