Drew & K.B.

Drew & K.B.

Drew Olson & K.B., afternoons on Milwaukee's Sports Talk That Rocks, 97.3 The Game!Full Bio

Drew & KB - 5/28/24 - HOUR 3 - Brewers, Angel Hernandez, and SHARP Literacy

Drew & KB - 5/28/24 - HOUR 2 - Unsung Heroes and Shanna Quinn

The guys take your "unsung heroes" in sports. Plus Shanna Quinn!

Drew & KB - 5/28/24 - Bill Schroeder (Bally Sports WI) LIVE at AmFam Field

Bill Schroeder (Bally Sports WI) joins the show LIVE at AmFam Field! He gives his reaction to Counsell's return to Milwaukee.

Drew & KB - 5/28/24 - HOUR 1 - Counsell's Return and Bill Schroeder LIVE from AmFam Field

The guys discuss Craig Counsell's return to Milwaukee and take calls! Plus Bill Schroeder (Bally Sports WI) joins the show LIVE from AmFam Field!

Drew & KB - HOUR 3 - 5/24/24

Drew, Dobie and Andrew chat with Aaron Sims before Game 4 of the Admirals playoff game, Headbangers Ball and Pipebomb joins the guys to talk Metal Fest 2024!

Drew & KB - HOUR 2 - 5/24/24

Hour two brings you 4:20, Matt Mueller and some comedy talk.

Drew & KB - 5/24/24

KB is out and Dobie Maxwell is in. Drew and Dobie trade producers during this segment, recap Rock For Vets and much more!

5/23 Hour 3

Don and Dan are joined by KB, Hunter, Tim Scott, and the Head Basketball Coach at UWM Bart Lundy all in this hour!

5/23 Hour 2

Don and Dan continue their conversation on the biggest stories in sports. Also hear from Drew, KB abd Hunter as they are guests on their own show and Quinn from the Country Station stops by to chat.

5/23 Hour 1

Don and Dan are filling for Drew and KB while they are at Rock 4 Vets. Some great Brewers talk and a whole lot more!